2020 Questions for ALL 32 NFL Teams

P2W Fantasy asks a fantasy question of ALL 32 NFL Teams for 2020 which in turn get answered by respected members of the Fantasy Football Community. Be sure to FOLLOW the contributors if you do not already!

Question: With the Hopkins signing, it is assumed that he is the primary target in Arizona and some believe Kirk is the 2nd. Does Fitz have 2020 fantasy value? Or is there another skill player (WR or TE) we should keep on the radar for our rosters

Answer: “I believe Hopkins will be their top target, but I believe he will regress being on the Cards. I could be wrong but don’t expect a major season out of anyone on their offense outside of potentially Drake. Fitz will still have value because he’s extremely reliable and Murray trusts him. IF Dan Arnold is the starting TE I can see him having OK production and he’s a very buy low guy right now.” – Anthony (@AnthonyP2W)

Question: With the Austin Hooper targets vacated, some assume Hayden Hurst picks those up for the year as the new TE and some believe they will be spread out with the likes of Ridley, Gage and Hurst. What is your outlook on those vacated targets?

Answer: “I am with the spreading out but most to Ridley as I believe he takes the next step into fantasy stardom. They like Hurts here and he will be valuable but now they also have Gurley who can catch and Gage is highly thought of but he can get the Sanu targets without impacting the Hooper ones that much” CSD (@CSDFantasy)

Question: There has been a lot of hype surrounding Baltimore skill players with that explosive offense. Many people are on the fence about WR’s not named Marquise Brown and their production. Which WR (not Hollywood) can you see being fantasy relevant in 2020, if any? Could they be a WR start, FLEX start, or just bench guy?

Answer: “The biggest problem with choosing a WR that’s not Marquise Brown is volume. This is a run first team and they have shown us that running the football is their go to. However, if I was to choose a WR that could be fantasy relevant on the Ravens this year it would be Willie Snead! I think he will be a security blanket for Lamar Jackson in short yardage situations which could make him WR3/4 PPR player. I also am very excited to see how the Ravens utilize their rookie Devin Duvernay. I think he has a real chance to make an immediate impact on this team since there really is not a lot of WR competition.” – Austin (@DynastyDweebs)

Question: With Moss set to take on the “Frank Gore role” – how do you project him finishing in fantasy for RB’s? Would fantasy players be able to start him in their FLEX specifically in 2020?

Answer: “Yes, the Bills recently made a statement that they want Zack Moss to fill the vacated Frank Gore role, but these are two entirely different players. Yes, Moss brings excitement as a rookie with fresh legs, but he lacks gore’s experience in blocking and overall game preparation. The Bills will miss Gore’s leadership and all-around knowledge at the running back position. Even with Gore’s move to the division-rival Jets, I think he will have a slightly better season than the rookie, Moss. I am not a huge Moss supporter at this particular point in time.

Here are my exact Zack Moss projections: 139 car, 599 yds, 3 TD, 23 rec, 237 yds. I have him as my redraft RB54.” – John (@LegendSports7)

Question: Looking at the signing of Teddy Bridgewater and Robby Anderson, along with a new coach, who gets the better end of the target share – Curtis Samuel or Ian Thomas? Will either be startable in fantasy?

Answer: “There is definitely a bunch of bodies in Carolina that are in line for a decent amount of targets this year. And with Greg Olsen finally leaving, it opens up an opportunity for Ian Thomas. Personally I don’t see much happening with Thomas, I just don’t see him sniffing the top 15 this year. Could be a nice TE2 on the bench…. But that’s the best case scenario I can see for him in 2020. As for Samuel, I think he’s a fine WR3 possibly fringe WR2 this year. I think Matt Rhule’s Wide open offense bolds well for WRs like Curtis Samuel who can get open over the middle with quickness. Also by play design if they use Samuel as a partial gadget player…. This should mean some big weeks in 2020 for Samuel” – Thor (@FFThorMikey)

Question: Will fantasy owners see a big jump in the second year of David Montgomery? Or will he continue to float as a questionable start for fantasy lineups?

Answer: “A lot of people tend to talk about how Kareem Hunt caps Nick Chubb’s ceiling due to stealing the pass-catching and occasional touches…that is identical to Monty only with Tarik Cohen being the thief of that. At Iowa State, Montgomery was able to catch balls out of the backfield and has the capability, but was not utilized in this aspect of the game due to Cohen being the beneficiary to this. If Monty is included MORE in the pass game, his value will INCREASE but if not it is capped.

The positives will hopefully be Nick Foles as the starter, which I hope means a more consistent passing attack. If the passing game improves, this can translate to the ground game opening up more for Monty.

I see him being more consistent in fantasy on a week-to-week basis but on a limited PPR level. I would be comfortable playing him in the FLEX spot for rosters with hopes he can build more consistent weekly outputs before starting him in a RB spot.” – Nick (@P2WFantasy)

Question: We saw flashes of John Ross and Auden Tate in 2019 when given the opportunity. With AJ Green coming back and the draft of Tee Higgins, does either Ross or Tate have any value for 2020? Are they worth a stash on a redraft bench?

Answer: “Ross and Tate are both currently off my redraft list until we have a better understandings of which WRs will be featured in Cin’s personnel groupings. I’ll be monitoring the overall health of the WR group and will be ready to move Ross and Tate back up into the WR3 discussion if Boyd or Green miss time.” – Scott (@NimblewNumbers)

Question: Is this the bounce-back season of OBJ? Where do you have him finishing for the position in 2020 and what is your brief outlook for him?

Answer: “I believe he will bounce back, not to where he once was but improved from last year and with his current ADP i find myself grabbing him in a lot of mock drafts I do. OBJ has tremendous value!” – Justin (@ManagementClock)

Question: Cowboys. The draft of CeeDee Lamb was definitely unexpected, and adds to their solid WR core of Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. How does having these three WR’s effect Blake Jarwin at TE? Where can you see him finishing in his position now in 2020?

Answer: “Dallas has 166 vacated targets to go around and someone was bound to take them. Adding Lamb May limit Jarwin’s chance at being a rare 100 target TE. But, someone was going to take the role Cobb has last season and Beasley had the year before.

The offense also might see an increase in pass volume with the addition of Mike McCarthy. Dallas ranked 21st in passing plays ran last year at 58%. Jarwin already had 41 targets last year and if you added another 41 from the 166 vacated targets that would put him around where Witten was last season (83) and leave over 100 for Lamb and the other WRs.

My thoughts are that there is still plenty of targets, but Jarwin will still be nothing more than a streaming option. I have him at TE #20 right now.” – Dave (@DynastyDorks)

Question: With you being a Broncos fan I thought I could ask a Broncos specific question. Jerry Jeudy was my personal WR1 pre-draft. What is his timeline as far as where you will place him within your lineup. Bench to Flex to WR. Where do you see him finishing in 2020 for his position?

Answer: “Jeudy was the best wide receiver in arguably the greatest wide receiver draft class in NFL history. His supreme talent and polished route-running skills make him ready to contribute as soon as Week 1. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the full offseason to build a rapport with quarterback Drew Lock. It’s going to take a couple of weeks for Jeudy and Lock to get on the same page. Keep Jeudy on the bench for the first two weeks of the season.

Jeudy’s mini-breakout game will come Week 3 when the “Tompa” Bay Buccaneers come to Denver. Consider using him as a Flex option from Weeks 3-6.

I expect Jeudy’s breakout game to come in Week 7 when Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs come to Denver. Lock will be throwing early and often in this game and he will have to lean on Jeudy to get him crucial first downs. After that, he’s in another smash spot in Week 8 when the Broncos travel to Atlanta to face Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons.

After Weeks 7 and 8, Jeudy should be fully cemented as one of Lock’s go-to guys. Fantasy owners can expect low-end WR2 numbers the rest of the way with WR1 upside against pass-happy teams.” – Jacob (@AintDunneYet)

Question: With you being a Detroit fan, I have a quick question for you. T.J. Hockenson was the TE talk of fantasy Week 1 when he exploded. He then fell off for the rest of the season. What is your 2020 outlook for him and where can you see him finishing for his position in 2020?

Answer: “Where do I start? The excitement around TJ here in Detroit is starting to grow. Hock has been all over social media lifting weights and training with Iowa teammate stud TE George Kittle! TJ is noticeably more buff and practicing his footwork. TJ has the draft pedigree and skill set to be a top-10 tight end with ease. After a blistering start to the 2019 season he flamed out and his season was ended after an ankle injury. Looking ahead to the 2020 season Hock has somewhat flown under the radar. There is the group of fantasy players willing to draft him and the other group is a tad hesitate. I’m not in the business of telling you what to do but I’m telling you now, don’t look past TJ Hockenson this season. Everybody always uses buzz words like, “upside” and “ADP value” but it means nothing if you’re ignoring the talent. As it stand now, TJ’s ADP sits at 145.2. He’s being drafted ahead of guys like Hayden Hurst, Jack Doyle and Jonnu Smith. At this point he’s basically free with little risk. I implore you take a long hard look at TJ Hockenson. With a full compliment of offensive weapons in Detroit, Matthew Stafford should flourish and the Stafford/Hockenson connection could and should make some real noise in 2020!” – Chris (@DetroitBeastie)

Question: Jace Sternberger is lined up to be the starting TE for the Packers. Do you see him being productive in his position for fantasy? Can we trust starting him at any point in 2020?

Answer: “Sophomore tight end out of Texas A&M, Jace Sternberger, looks to be the third or maybe even second favorite option in the passing game for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers this year, but is that a realistic expectation? Sternberger’s workout metrics from a year ago are off the charts for a tight end, and his only season at Texas A&M before becoming a pro, he dominated as the leading receiving weapon in all major categories. He’s a guy that can hit the seam, get downfield (17.3 YPR at Texas A&M), and make big plays, the true threat Rodgers has been searching for as Jimmy Graham just didn’t pan out the past few years. The thing that has to be brought up though, and is always brought up, is the Packers have never really featured a tight end in their offense. The last tight end to be a lead weapon for their offense was Jermichael Finley in 2011, where he finished as the TE6. The one good thing going for Sternberger is the same thing that is going for Davante Adams this year, the Packers avoided drafting a much needed wide receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft like the plague, so the opportunity to be the two or three for Aaron Rodgers is most definitely available. Sternberger is basically free in fantasy drafts this offseason, and I expect him to be the same come actual draft day. Finding late round or waiver wire tight ends that pan out to be top 10 or better at the position can be a huge advantage in your league. We basically saw nothing from Sternberger his rookie season due to a pretty gnarly ankle sprain that kept him sidelined for 10 weeks, and his only actual involvement in the offense was the Divisional Round in the playoffs where he played on 44 percent of the offensive snaps. Over the past three seasons, the TE12 has averaged 560 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. If he can remain healthy, which I fully expect him to do, I can see Jace Sternberger being a guy to keep your eye on on the waiver wire early in the season, as it is a real possibility he can post the type of numbers to be a top 12 tight end.” – Steve (@Steve_CTP)

Question: Brandin Cooks has historically had some solid WR finishes for the positions in the past, which I do not think gets talked about enough. In a perfectly healthy season, where do you have him finishing in 2020 and where are you comfortable with him being in your lineup (WR, FLEX, Bench, not).

Answer: “I have Cooks, if fully healthy, at 119 targets, 79 receptions, 1123 yds & 6 TDs. Right now in my rankings that just good enough for inside the top 24 but i have not completed them yet. His ADP is bouncing around now due to some recent workout vids with him and Watson in Arizona but he’s a steal in the 7th in most formats” – Miles (@FF_Peacock)

Question: Rivers historically has had a great connection with his TE’s – Gates and Henry. With his move to IND and Ebron’s departure, where do you have Jack Doyle finishing in 2020 for his position in PPR?

Answer: “Jack Doyle has low TE1 upside with Philip Rivers at the helm, who has always supported a TE1. With the departure of Eric Ebron, Doyle could come close to his career year of 2017 of 80/690/4. Id he stays healthy he is a great late round target for redraft.” – Paulie (@PauliesSleepers)

Question: with Chris Thompson being signed, are you on board with him being the pass-catching back in Jax with Fournette carrying the load? If so – how much of Fournette’s stock is impacted and where do you have Fournette finishing in PPR formats for 2020 (either way)?

Answer: “I was never a huge Chris Thompson fan. He made some big plays, but was never really consistent enough for me. That being said, there is definitely an opportunity for him to carve out a role in this offense. I see Armstead as the same role as Fournette, so Thompson should be the second most relevant RB option if everyone is healthy. I think it does eat into Fournette’s receiving numbers this year and likely keeps him out of the RB1 conversation. I see 2019 as a bit of an outlier when it comes to Fournette’s receiving numbers. Even with those numbers, he finished as RB13 in 2019. His carry workload should still keep him as an RB2, depending on other RBs in that area. I also wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibilities that Fournette gets moved before the season, which would really give Thompson a shot to produce this season. As we currently stand, I’d be drafting Fournette as a volume RB2 and Thompson as a potential Flex option but not someone I’d want to be too reliant on.” – Will (@wmunro02)

Question: Mecole Hardman has had some hype this offseason. With the return of Sammy Watkins though, who is the WR2 in 2020 specifically? Where do you see this player finishing for the position for at the end of 2020?

Answer: “The WR2 (dealing strictly with WRs because of course Hill and Kelce are the 1A 1B) on the field is Sammy Watkins but in fantasy, by years end, will be Mecole. I think he takes a step forward this season with his route running, his rapport with Mahomes and his understanding of the position.

His speed and work ethic are undeniable and his efficiency last season was off the charts. I expect the efficiency to dip in 19 but his opportunities to increase by quite a bit. Somewhere near 57/880/6 and finishing as high as WR26-30.” – Nick (@TripleDFFP)

Question: Hunter Henry has been a solid TE starter when healthy. Is that due to Phillip Rivers connection with TE’s, his talent, both? Do you think his 2020 finish for his position depends on the QB that starts the most and where can you actually see him finishing?

Answer: “I’m personally fading Hunter Henry in 2020. We all know that there are tons of questions around the quarterback group in Los Angeles. No one is sold on Tyrod being a starter this entire year but we also don’t wanna throw Justin Herbert into the fire just yet. So what does this mean for the skill position players that surround them. Well a lot of uncertainty. Tyrod has openly expressed his excitements to play with Hunter Henry often comparing him to Dennis Pitta from their time on the ravens team. With a shortened off-season and not a lot of time to build chemistry I don’t see Hunter Henry finishing as a top 12 tight end in this Los Angeles chargers offense” – Philip (@dynastysociety_)

Question: There are some splits on the outlooks of Kupp and Woods in 2020, and also the third WR and who that will be. Where do you see Woods, Kupp and your choice of a 3rd WR finishing in 2020.?

Answer: “Now with the Rams Szn around the corner there’s questions we have about the WR core in a matter of what to expect from Kupp, Woods, and the next man up since Cooks has been traded. Van Jefferson and Josh Reynolds are lead to believe to split the WR3 duty so for a fantasy purpose it’s a bummer for both. I do feel like its business as usual for Kupp and Woods so no worries there for fantasy owners or Rams fans. Kupp will live and breathe in the slot and Woods will continue to be the outside all around WR with amazing speed. Van Jefferson has crisp routes and very soft hands some qualities McVay loves in his WRs. Josh Reynolds will have the leg up being the Vet. We seen some flashes from Reynolds to be a good role player but we have yet to see him be consistent week to week. When we did see Reynolds see over 90% snap opportunity with Cooks out with injury he played very well only problem I had with him was his low 49% catch rate. He doesn’t seem to be a reliable target for Goff and maybe the 4th look to target on the offense behind the TE’s…..Overall no worries with the Rams offense they should be rocking and rolling both Kupp and Woods will finish inside the top 15. The matter of who the WR3 is really doesn’t matter to me fantasy wise but for real life football I’m sure both guys can get the job done to help that offense win some games. GO RAMS!” – LaQuan (@RealDealFantasy)

Question: There has been Coach talk about Josh Jacobs being more involved in the passing game. Do you see this actually happening with Richard and Bowden Jr. on the roster? If you do or do not, how does this impact Josh Jacobs finish for 2020?

Answer: “I think this is just typical offseason “coach speak” Gruden and Mayock both said multiple times last year that they are wanting to involve Jacobs in the passing game and did they? No. Jacobs finished the season with only 27 targets, he played 13 games so that’s barely two targets a game. They had their chance to make Jacobs a three down back this offseason with DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard being UFA’s. They let Washington walk to the Chiefs while they re-signed Richard, who is the better pass catching back out of the two. Then they added a Swiss Army knife for their offense with Bowden Jr. Not to mention adding Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards who are going to take targets as well. I see Jacobs being a RB1 in standard leagues but he is a RB2 in ppr leagues. His upside is hampered with his inability to have the opportunity to be used in the passing game.” – Trey (@FFSuperFlexGuru)

Question: The Dolphins will either feature Fitzpatrick, rookie sensation Tua or a mix of both. Last season we saw flashes of Preston Williams and Mike Gesicki with DaVante Parker stepping up big for them. Is there another receiving option we should be aware of? If so who and is he fantasy relevant?

Answer: “It’s a boring answer, but to me it’s Albert Wilson. We’ve seen some good stuff from him before and he can be used in a lot of different ways. At the end of the day though, I think it will take multiple injuries for Wilson to have any value. If you look past the receiving options and include RBs, Breida is the true 4th receiving choice.” – Steve (@TrustYourBoard)

Question: Irv Smith Jr. and Kyle Rudolph nearly split in both targets in receptions in 2019 with the separation being TD’s in Rudolph’s favor. Do you see this being the same in 2020? Do both or either of these player consume some of those Diggs vacated targets? Where can these two guys finish in their position in 2020?

Answers: “New OC Gary Kubiak’s offenses have historically relied on one primary tight end (Owen Daniels, who followed Kubiak from team to team like a lost puppy.) But given that Diggs’ “replacement” is a rookie, Adam Thielen has some durability concerns, and Dalvin Cook could hold out (or get injured again), it seems likely both Rudolph and Smith will get plenty of targets. The Vikings also threw at an insanely low rate under Kevin Stefanski last year, which should increase under Kubiak. Smith is a dynamic player, but from Week 6 on Rudolph actually outpaced him significantly in both Yards Per Reception and Yards Per Target. Add in those touchdowns — which I expect to increase in Diggs’ absence — and I think people are sleeping on Rudolph as a high-value option this year, especially in TE Premium formats.” – Jake (@JakeTrowbridge)

Question: Cam Newton has had a solid connection with his TE in the past. Do you foresee a Patriots TE having a good 2020 season in that case? If so, who is that TE and where can they finish for their position?

Answer: “It’s natural to have high expectations for Patriots rookie TE’s after seeing what they did with Gronk & Aaron Hernandez, but that’s a dangerous game to play. Odds are, even in an offense with a lack of WR’s, we probably won’t get much fantasy utility out of the two rookies TE’s.

With that being said, either of these guys could pop. Asiasi ran a 4.73 40 & profiles as more of a receiver-hybrid, but don’t sleep on Dalton Keene as well. Keene is the superior athlete (4.71 40/34” vertical/4.19 shuttle) & better blocker. If Asiasi fails to separate himself from Keene as a receiver early on, NE could find a lot more reasons to keep Keene in the field instead, especially when you consider how his blocking skills could help a scrambling quarterback like Cam Newton.” – David (@GuruFantasyWrld)

Question: How much of an impact will Emmanuel Sanders be for both Michael Thomas and Drew Brees stocks? Is Sanders a player you would actively look for in redraft?

Answer: “Yes, at his ADP he’s a huge bargain. Last time the Saints had a true number two it was Thomas and Cooks. That worked out well for Brees, Thomas and Cooks. I expect much of the same here.” – Elvin (@ElvinRyan)

Question: Last season took a toll on Giants skill players with various injuries which impacted player stocks in both directions. With WR’s specifically, can you rank the 2020 production you foresee with ,Shepard, Slayton and Tate? Are you actively trying to buy one for 2020?

Answer: “In redraft I think that all three sit in pretty similar situations and are solid flex options. I see them all improving a little bit as the offense improves, probably finishing in the WR3 to high WR4 area. So I’d target all three if I can get round 8 or later. However for dynasty I am only going after Slayton, his floor is last season where he was WR 37 in PPR and his ceiling over the next few years i think is the WR 10-15 range. Shepard has the concussion issues and Tate is getting older so I’d avoid them.” – Dan (@5WideFootball)

Question: Improvements to the offensive line and the additions of Mims, Perriman and a return in Herndon. How significant are these changes to Darnold’s stock in fantasy? Where do you have Sam Darnold finishing in 2020 in his position?

Answer: “The New York Jets made plenty of moves this offseason to try to revamp their roster. Most of those moves were made with the hope that quarterback Sam Darnold can make the leap in his third season. New York signed four offensive linemen, but those moves were more to add depth than to significantly bolster any one position. They let free agent wideout Robby Anderson walk in free agency and essentially replaced him with Breshad Perriman. Perriman has the looks of a late bloomer after a stellar stretch run last season. He closed the season with 419 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns in his final four games in 2019. That level of production should not be expected in New York, but there is upside here.

New York’s most significant additions came via the NFL Draft. Their first pick was used to select Mekhi Becton, a behemoth of a man. Becton should start right away protecting Darnold’s blind side at left tackle. He is a bit raw and has been known to overextend in pass protection, but the upside is nearly as big as Becton (6’7”, 364) himself is. The Jets also drafted Denzel Mims with their second-round pick. I like what Mims brings to the table. He has a great combination of size and speed and can make contested grabs down the field. The Jets will also bring back slot man Jamison Crowder and emerging tight end Chris Herndon. While they have improved as a group, there was nowhere to go but up from last season. I would still put New York’s pass-catching weapons (including Le’Veon Bell) in the bottom third of the league. I think these moves will ultimately help Sam Darnold’s fantasy value, but I believe he is a better bet in Dynasty formats than in Redraft. The Jets will start as many as four new offensive linemen to go along with a pair of receivers in 2020. This unfamiliarity will likely lead to some ugly moments on the field at times. Darnold will continue to show flashes, but the weekly consistency will not be there from a fantasy perspective. I would only consider him in SuperFlex leagues, as he falls just short of my top-24 fantasy quarterback rankings for this season. However, I do value him a little bit more in Dynasty leagues. I would consider him a low-end QB2 in that format, and he could continue to climb up the ranks throughout the year.” – Mick (@themick23)

Question: With the Eagles NOT signing another RB to their roster (as of now), what is your 2020 outlook on Boston Scott? Is he a guy we can trust in our FLEX spot depending on the week? Where could the potential finish for him be in his position?

Answer: “I think he’s a tough pinch play in PPR formats. I liked that he saw a solid amount of targets down the stretch last season, but Sanders was banged up in Scott’s breakout game. He’s going to have a similar role to 2016 ish Darren Sproles where if he sees 5-50-1 you feel pretty good about it, but I think his rushing attempts will be limited.” – Ryan (@BootlegFantasy)

Question: A lot of talk regarding JuJu and Diontae Johnson, so let’s take a step further. James Washington showed some flashes in 2019, and the Steelers drafted Chase Claypool. Speaking of 2020 specifically, will either player be fantasy relevant? If so who and how relevant can they actually be in terms of using them on your team?

Answer: “My money is on Claypool. They drafted him for a reason. They weren’t comfortable with Washington. In terms of targets in think you looking at Juju, Diontae, Conner, te, Claypool, Washington. Claypool could be relevant if there’s a injury but he’s a stash for 21 if juju leaves. Washington i don’t see him relevant at all in 20” – Jake (@DaBeezyBFF)

Question: Speaking specifically about 2020, will Raheem Mostert continue on as the feature back or will there be some sort of splits between him and Tevin Coleman? Where do you see Mostert finishing in his position for 2020?

Answer: “Alright lets first get the elephant out of the room. Mostert has requested a trade, but that shouldn’t change anything for your fantasy football team. I do not see any team trading for a 28 year old running back and giving him a contract. Now to my thoughts on Mostert vs Coleman. I see a split backfield between them with each having week winning upside depending on how Kyle Shanahan wants to use them. Mostert only produced when Coleman was hurt and playing way less snaps, which is a red flag for me. Mostert’s PPR ADP is currently RB26, while Coleman is RB44. I will be drafting Coleman at that ADP 10/10 times over Mostert at his.” – Jacob (@JSnake_DFF)

Question: Who do you foresee as the 3rd passing option? Is it a TE in Olsen or Dissly? Maybe Dorsett now? Which guy will have the most target shares outside of DK and Lockett and is this person relevant to plug into your lineup in 2020?

Answer: “I’d have to imagine Greg Olsen is the number 3 targeted guy in this offense, the Seahawks wouldn’t have decided to sign him if they didn’t intend on making him a relevant option since they already had Dissly and Hollister previously” – Jim @dynastydweebs)

Question: I am one of the fantasy owners who have continuously held onto O.J. Howard in leagues. With the Gronk emergence in Tampa, does this do anything to the O.J Howard stock and do you believe any of the coach talk about running 2 TE sets? Where can OJ finish in his position in 2020?

Answer: “What is the relevance of holding on to O.J. Howard in fantasy football now that Rob Gronkowski has joined the team. Overall, I think it’s going to be a crowded receiving corps for Tampa. Two tight end sets, that reportedly will be used at times, are definitely believable considering Tom Brady’s past success in throwing to two tight ends previously in New England.

However, I still see Gronkowski being the most-targeted and best fantasy tight end option given his long history and chemistry of playing with Brady. Cameron Brate is always a wild card and if he emerges as more of a hot hand than Howard, Howard could be the odd man out. Aside from this, there could be games in which Mike Evans and Chris Godwin command the lion’s share of the targets in the passing game. So at the end of the day, I don’t envision Howard even posting top-20 tight end points for 2020. He has never played a 16-game season and his numbers last year were dismal with only one touchdown on his record. Gronk is a beast in the red zone and if he stays healthy, he easily has top-10 tight end potential.

Here are my 2020 fantasy projections based on each tight ends’ target volume, catch rate, yards per catch, and likelihood to score: Gronkowski: 80 targets, 52 receptions, 780 yards, 9 touchdowns, Rank TE: 6 Howard: 48 targets, 31 receptions, 465 yards, 3 touchdowns, Rank TE: 22 Brate: 40 targets, 27 receptions, 297 yards, 5 touchdowns, Rank TE:26″ – Rachel (@liveocgirl)

Question: Ryan Tannehill had the hot hand, being a consistent fantasy starter once stepping into the starting QB role this past season. Do you foresee this continuing on in 2020? Where do you see him finishing for his position at the end of the year?

Answer: “I do see this continuing on in 2020. I think Ryan Tannehill is an unbelievable ‘athlete’. A baseball guy at heart if I’m not mistaken and the former wide receiver turned quarterback doesn’t get enough credit for his athleticism. From the moment last year that he was the starter I believe he finished second in total points behind only Lamar Jackson. Old Tom firmly believes that organization, led by Vrabel, is going to do everything it can to continue to play to it’s strengths. Everything revolves around Derek Henry which everybody who’s ever watched a football game understands and respects. However, for everyone who also understands the game you also know it’s never a one-man show. I think Tannehill‘s greatest strength comes off the play action. With the emergence of AJ Brown opposite another athletic freak in Corey Davis, and with Jonnu Smith running the seam…Ryan Tannehill is in a perfect situation to continue his fantasy production. My favorite part about Tannehill, as alluded to above, is what he does with his legs. Underappreciated and overlooked by too many. Finally, probably the greatest variable he has going for him is the fact that he got a contract extension. Pressure is good, but support and belief from your employer is even better.” – Tom (@BombadilFantasy)

Question: With the likes of Guice, Peterson, Gibson, Barber and Love on the RB depth chart, who are the guys to own specifically in 2020 and what role will they have this year?

Answer: “I would say buy Guice, if healthy he will rush for 1000 plus years and at least 7 scores. Gibson will be a target monster if he gets clock this year. So that’s my PPR guy right there. Peterson more of a bye week RB and desperation guy (Super deep leagues). Barber wont make the team. Love (stash him on IR in dynasty leagues).” Emmanuel (@MannyChokuba)

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